The producer Masqmoda was founded with the collaboration of profesionals experienced in the field, with the aim of offering a complete service of productions and services. Located in the Canary Islands, offers a great natural setting of landscape diversities. Because of the varieties of micro climes, the privileged weather conditions and the luminous qualities facilitate the outdoors performances almost the whole year,in addition of a wide range of hotels and excellent connections. We offer professional services for the production , photo shooting, advertising spots,videos making off,production of parades and events, adapting our production equipment and budget for each project in order to obtain an optimal result without wasting any resources. Production Team, Casting Director, location scout, location manager, permits, lighting equipment rental, photographers, photo assistants, HMUA, stylists, props, DOP, cameras, camera assistants, sound artists, creative team, scriptwriters, video editors , Special effects, post-production voice-over , FX video video editing, 2D / 3D animation, catering and transportation. If you have any questions please contact us.

Gran Canaria


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